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We live in hard times. The only way to get away from your problems is to Completely Change your identity. Why? Because the only effective way to get a second chance at life is to create a brand new deep cover complete authentic identity supported by a full set of genuine identity documents. Only then can you forget your past problems and at the same time guarantee your future freedom.

Most people new to identity changing tend to make all the same first-time mistakes. Many run right out and buy  fake ids.

This is a bad move, for several different reasons.

First, due to recent changes in the law, it's getting more and more difficult to obtain really high-quality fake id. Though there are plenty of fake id sites on the web with great looking samples, Heres little secret…


                       Most fake ID sites are complete rip-offs!

This is the only way to create an entirely new identity on which you can build a safe new life  But be very careful. Some of our competitors sell "new identity" reports for $300 or more and most only contain a small fraction of the information you'll find in guides. 

Make no mistake - our Manual(s) are unique. Unlike others, ours are step-by-step guides that take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process of creating a clean, fully documented new identity in an entirely new name and so much more.

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Here is what you will get and so much more:

Manual (1)

Entirely New Identity.
Information  Found Nowhere Else.

Manual (2)  
How to create a totally new identity.
15 Effective different ways.

Manual (3)
The solution is creating alternate Identity.
 The many secrets of Alternate Identity and how it can help you.

Manual (4)  
How to Obtain Foreign Passports

Manual (5)
How to Disappear And Never Be Found

Manual (6)

Financial Success
You can be deeply in debt, even dead broke, and by using these secrets you will learn how to raise huge sums of money in only 24 hours.

Manual (7)
Closely Guarded Money Making Secrets
If you’re looking for ways to make money Fast.

Thi manual will teach you how. GUARENTEED!

Manual (8)
Banking In Silence
How to Open a Foreign
Bank Account from anywhere in the WORLD!
And Why You Would Want To.

Manual (9)
Get an ID No questions asked! 
Complete list of places to get top quality ID with no questions asked.

Drivers Licenses, Military Certificates, College Degrees and Diplomas,

Social Security cards, Birth Certificates, State ID cards, Student ID cards,

Canadian ID cards, International Drivers License  And So Much More…

Through our reports we've helped individuals escape from abusive family members, cults, the mob, vindictive ex-spouses, violent neighbors and just plain crazy people. And there are many other reasons to start life over. No matter what the reason. Our step-by-step guide with teach you how to gain financial freedom and how to completely disappear FAST!

          "This information is the best to get away from anyone and complete disappear

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